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Kislev vs Dark Elves

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This is a solo game of kilsev vs Dark elves. Winner Kislev. 

warmaster kislev dark elves

warmaster kallistra cold ones

warmaster kislev dark elves

warmaster cossacks

warmaster kislev dark elves

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warmaster battle report

Colours & Guns

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Finally I bought the set of rules from Magister Millitum focus in Napoleonics conflicts. The book has a very pleasant editing and finishing. The mechanics have a lot flavour of te era and reminds me in some aspects to warmaster.

It is a set of rules for 10mm, battle scale that promise to work for the Napoleonic wars.

Colours n guns

colours n guns armylist

Wizard tower

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The other day I went to a market and my wife bought me this model. It is intended to be inside an acquarium. It is ensambled and pre painted, very cheap around 4.95 euros. The scale is more 6mm, but I will use it as the Wizard tower.

Ye book of tentales vol IV

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I had acquire a convention book about Chaosium called Ye book of tentacles IV. I tis a special scenario one. I am not roleplaying since years ago, but I like to read about Glorantha. This book have scenarios for Heroquest, Call of Cthulhu, Eternal Champio and Pendragon.

Bank and Tank

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This is the start of an urbanistic proyect. The idea is build some structures to have some test of Dropzone commander. It also allow to have some 10mm skirmish games.

The first building is a Tank Container. It is a tiny structure, but could have some special rule as if it is destroyed could explode the fuel causing damage to an area. If the building has an objective and is destroyed there is a 50% of the objective destroyed or if a person die.

For Mad max game is a great objective itself.

The model is scale N form Faller, easy to assambly.

The second building is The Bank. Very useful for skirmish games of robbers and so on. It is a medium structure.

It is also fom Faller and was not very complicated to build, but I had to say that the floor were constructed one above each other so every little desalignment in the first floor is notice in the third! My execution of the model is not perfect, but fair enough for wargaming.

A great objective could the gold in the vault or even art or coorporation data safty guard inside.